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St. Andrews Church

The St. Andrew's Church, Dalhousie stands very close to the main bus stand of the town. St. Andrew's Church was built in the year 1903 by Protestant Christians and is more popularly known as the Church of Scotland. St. Andrew's Church of Dalhousie is located at Baloon and follows Protestantism. Nestled amidst lush green surroundings, the St. Andrew's Church paints a magnificent picture. Although the St. Andrew's Church in Dalhousie is more than hundred years old, the church is comparatively in good condition.

The church authority has erected a boundary wall to protect the church complex from any act of destruction. The eye soothing natural beauty, which surrounds the St. Andrew's Church of Dalhousie, has made it popular among the tourists and nature lovers. It is a must visit place for the religiously inclined people. The mere appearance of the church brings nostalgic memories of the town during the British rule. It is indeed one of the best Dalhousie churches and tourist spots in the town

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