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St. Johns Church

St.St. Johns Church stands on the Gandhi Chowk. This church was the first to be built after the town of Dalhousie was founded. Prior to 1863, a wooden structure stood at this place. The idea to build a stone structure took birth with the arrival of Rev. John H. Pratt who came to Dalhousie in April 1863 and inspired the Christian community to build a permanent church building at this place. Building of this church is a copy of Roman Catholics Church of England but this church belongs to Protestants.

Another added attraction of visiting this church is the library at the left side of the entrance. It is well stocked with important materials relating to Dalhousie and most importantly there are several beautiful, rare and priceless photographs belonging to the British period. The library, which is situated adjacent to the main entrance, has a rich collection of books regarding the history and geography of Dalhousie. One can see many rare photographs that date back to the British Period. The St. John's Church, Dalhousie may be old but it still stands in a very good condition.

Backyard of St. John's Church, Dalhousie

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