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The preparations for the festive begins from the day before the festival. Brides get beautifully wrapped baskets with the sargai (the food to be eaten before sunrise) from their mothers-in-law. The fasting women wake up before the sunrise to eat the sargai. The women takes foods like fruits, along with a main course of potatoes eaten with hot puris. After the Sargai, the women are not to each any thing.

Generally, women celebrates her first Karva Chauth vrat at her mothers home.

In the evening, the women of the neighborhood gathers in someone’s house or temple and perform the puja together. An idol of Gaur Mata or Goddess Parvati, the consort of Shiva is placed on the consecrated spot. Traditionally, the tiny image of Gaur Mata was made from cow dung, though nowadays pictures or idols of Parvati are the norm.

Karwa chauth poojaBefore moonrise, the women place their bayas over their karvas in a plate and assemble around the puja area to offer prayer while an elderly lady narrates a tale about the relevance of festival. After the story is read out to everyone, the women exchange their respective karvas till each one gets her own karva back. The puja ends with the women showering rice and vermilion on the Maa Parvati and seeking her blessings.

After the moon rise, the women goes with a plate, decorated with lit earthen lamps and a container of water. The moon is not to be seen directly, but through a sieve. Water is offered to the moon seven times. Women break their fast after seeing the moon in presence of her husband.

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