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Amongst the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu, perhaps, offers the widest diversity of terrain and beauty. It is perched on the first sloping ridge rising from the plains of Punjab. The meandering Tawi River flows in the foothills and the backdrop is the imposing Trikuta range. The entire region is pocketed with lakes and valleys of which some are still little explored. Jammu is actually two towns. The old town sits on a hilltop overlooking the river and several kilometers away across the river is the new town of Jammu Tawi.

The foundation of the settlement of Jammu is attributed to King Jambulochan of 9th century BC. In 1730 it came under the Dogra rule of Raja Dhruv Deva and became an important centre for arts and culture. Religion, too, played an important part in its development, so beautifully evidenced in its various shrines and temples spread throughout the region. Jammu is essentially a town of temples and shrines.