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Orchha is located in the northern part of the State of Madhya Pradesh and lies besides the Malwa plateau along the Betwa River. The word Orchha literally means 'Hidden Place'. Once the capital of the Bundelas, it is now just a village set among a wonderful complex of well preserved palaces and temples.

It was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap, who chose this stretch of land along the river Betwa as an ideal site for his capital. It remained the capital till 1783, when nearby Tikamgarh became the new capital. Orchha's golden age was during the first half of the 17th century. Of the succeeding rulers, the most notable was Raja Bir Singh Deo who ruled for almost 22 years.

Complementing the notable proportions of the exteriors are the interiors that represent the finest flowering of the Bundela school of painting. Today Orchha is just a village set amongst a complex of well preserved palaces and temples but nevertheless a wonderful relaxing place.

Orchha's impressive temples dating back to the 17th century are still in use today and are visited by thousands of devotees every day. The area is peppered with fascinating little shrines and memorials, all of which add to the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, the city evokes in the visitor