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Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxminarayan temple is one of the most important tourist attraction of Orchha. Though the temple is dedicated the Goddess Laxmi, there is no idol of the Goddess in the temple. The temple is mainly known for the wall paintings which cover the corridors which surround the central spire.

Laxmi Narayan Temple, Orchha

This beautiful temple was built in 1622 by Vir Singh Deo. The condition of the temple soon worsened due to inadequate maintenance. It was reconstructed by Prithvi Singh during 1793. Built using lime mortar and bricks, the architecture of temple exceptional blend of temple and fort architecture. The temple has a rectangular plan with four multi-faced projecting bastions at its four corners. There are mural paintings on the interior walls of the temple.

Laxmi Narayan Temple in Orchha exhibits a unique style of architecture, which is a beautiful mix of a fort and a temple moulds. The walls of this charming shrine are elaborately decorated with fabulous mural paintings, which show pulsating compositions from mythological themes. This temple also houses the very famous post mutiny paintings.

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The carvings on the central dome are exquisite. The pillars on the corners are ornate with carvings. There is a statue of Lord Ganesh on this structure.

There is also a path that connects Laxmi Narayan Temple with Ram Raja Temple, another important structure of this delightful shrine. The temple along with its exquisite paintings presents an enthralling feeling and is a worthy to watch spectacle.

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