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Punjab was probably the part of India that suffered the most destruction and damage at the time of Partition, yet today it is far away the most affluent state in India. Although Punjab is a predominantly agricultural state, supplying a large proportion of India's rice and wheat requirements, it also has a number of thriving industries like bicycles, sports and hosiery goods.

Home of the fiercely proud and independent Sikhs, the state of Punjab is steeped in history and culture. For centuries, the Sikh warriors have provided the fighting force for armies of the great kings of India, British Raj and now the people of United India. Through sheer hard work, the men and women of Punjab have turned this into one the greenest states in India. Universally famous for their diligence, they have done much to contribute to the welfare of India. Prior to Partition, the Punjab extended across both sides of what is now the India-Pakistan border, and what was its capital then, Lahore, is now the capital of the Pakistani State of Punjab. Punjab is a land hallowed by saints and scarred by battles, an ancient land yielding archaeological treasures, a land of palaces and museums.

Fact File

ZoneNorth India
Area50362 Sq. Km.
LanguagePunjabi, Hindi, English
Population24358999 (As of 2001)