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Best Time to Visit

Winters (November to February) is a good time to visit Pushkar and explore this fascinating city of temples surrounded by hills on three sides and a sand dune on the fourth side, making for a city with a delightful view. The temperatures during this season range from a maximum of 22 degree Celsius to a minimum of 8 degree Celsius

The summer months between March to June should be definitely avoided. The weather is unbearably hot and sultry with temperature going as high as 40 degrees Celsius, though nights are relatively colder and relieving.

In the months of July, August and September, Pushkar experiences its monsoons. The rainfall is very average and the weather remains pretty humid. Even rainy days are not considered an apt time to go exploring the pious world of Pushkar.

The winter months between November and February are pleasant and extremely convenient. The temperature varies from 22 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius and therefore the weather conditions are not too cold but very pleasant and amenable.

Winter is also peak season for tourists due to the favorable climate. November hosts the famous Pushkar Mela (Pushkar Fair) which is very popular with tourists as well as locals. Accommodation could get expensive or maybe even be unavailable if not booked in advance. This is held on a full moon day when thousands of pilgrims visit Pushkar to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake. The Pushkar Mela is also famous for hosting the biggest camel fair in the whole world. If you want to avoid the rush of the fair then October, December, January and February are suitable months to go.