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Pushkar Fair Dates 2017

Pushkar Fair is on its peak on Kartik Purnima, where thousands of devotees comes to the town to take bath in the holy lake. This years, this would be on 6 November 2017.

Preparations of the fair starts about 2 week before hand, where cattle traders start coming in the town along with their cattle. Group of camels, horses, and traders start preparing their base camps.

puppet shop during pushkar fairWith about 1 week before the fare, tended bazaars are on and fair ground is setup. In the stadium the Official Program of camel races, displays and competitions begins. The fair is traditionally a great meeting place where even marriages may be arranged. The cattle fair is under way and events in the stadium are in full swing.

Just before 2 days before Kartik Purnima, great numbers of colourfully dressed villagers start arriving from all over the region to bathe in the holy lake. The fairground is at its full swing. A craft fair is set up with handicraft stalls. Temples, and pilgrim rest houses are busy with pilgrims. Ceremonies begins in temples and fair ground is busy with all kind of activities.

On the day of Kartik Purnima, thousands of pilgrims take bathe in holy lake and visit the temple of Lord Brahma. In the evening, there is a grand finale in the fair ground.

herd of camels at pushkar fair

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