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Eco Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden or Cave Garden is a popular destination among the tourists of all ages, especially children. It is located in Sukhtal or Mallital and is easily reachable through road by Taxi or by foot. It is a natural park maintained by the local administration.

The Eco garden has six natural caves and musical fountain operational during the months of May and June. The musical fountain, a first in Nainital, is a spectacle to watch as the evening descends.

Though the cave is open throughout the year, it remains closed on rainy days. This is because the caves get filled with water and becomes slippery.

The gardens have an excellent approach to getting kids interested in nature and take a liking to exploring things. It is great place for children with lots of activities and fun on offer.

The Tiger Cave is the easiest to get in and out. Then the Panther Cave where getting in and out gets harder.


9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Ticket Price

Children: Rs 10/-
Adults: Rs 20/-
Camera fee: Rs 25/-

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